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Time to go!

I'm up early and ready to go to renegade. Everyone else is still asleep. I know I have nothing to be nervous about - yet I am. I had a rough night and trouble sleeping. I kept thinking about what I may have forgotten to pack. Wren picked up on that nervous energy and was fitful and cranky in her sleep. At one point in the darkness I leaned up to see what was wrong with her and Wham! She elbowed me hard right in the eye ball. I had a knee jerk reaction and grabbed my eye and was surprised and relieved to find it was still there. Since I was leaning up and over in such an awkward position I pulled my neck, shoulder and back muscles and it really hurts. I'm falling apart.

I hope the weather stays nice. It is supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees the next two days - and then rain the next 4 days straight.


Marilyn said...

I think you're gonna do great! Especially for what you sell. Baby stuff at Renegade sells like hotcakes!

mchen said...

I hope (and trust) you kicked some major renegade butt??? And I say: time for a visit to the ol' masseuse — after your eye-grab-muscle-pull and two days of craft-showing, you deserve it. Can't wait to hear (and see pics of) how it went! Congrats :)

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