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Friday, April 17th was Wren's 1st Birthday! Quite an exciting day, and as someone told me it is not only a celebration of her birthday, but a celebration that you've survived the first year of motherhood. We had a little family party yesterday, here are some photos. I joked with my MIL that she would like the box better than the present, so the kids of the family got together and decorated a big box for her, so sweet!

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I make mistakes.

I make so many mistakes screen printing it isn't even funny. Then, when I don't make a mistake printing a t-shirt, chances are I'll get a perfect print only to find that the shirt is messed up from the manufacturer and has a snag or a little hole. This is so frustrating!

I then end up with this growing pile of Oops! It seems wasteful to throw them away and I've thought about donating them but that doesn't feel quite right either. Now I have the perfect solution.....

There is this totally awesome Etsy seller named CourtneyCourtney. She makes fab stripey, twirly and fun clothes for girls often out of recycled materials - how cool is that. Check out what a gorgeous and cool dress she made using one of my Oops! Isn't she talented? What little girl wouldn't dream of such a colorful wardrobe?

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Back around the holidays I came into contact via Twitter with a cool children clothing designer who has her own line, Saurette. Long story short, she used a couple of my hand painted designs in her collection. Check out how amazing it looks!

This was my hand painted version on a onesie (can you believe how much older baby Wren looks now?!)

I was actually inspired to do this design by my dear Etsy friend Faye who makes incredible bags. She had asked if I had a winter design and so I made a barren tree with bits of snow, only it looked too sad and lonely so I gave him a little red friend.

I really love the way the design came out. I've since moved away from hand painted works due to time constraints but check out how amazing my little tree and bird look in Saurette's line. Doesn't she have the most stylish clothes for a young girl? They certainly aren't something you'd find at the mall - which is a GREAT thing!

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My Sit n Spin baby onesie graced the front page of Etsy today!! Yipee!! It is a new design and I never quite know how my new stuff will be received so this was way cool!

Speaking of cool.... check out Xenotee's shop. She makes incredibly hip, fresh and modern screen printed t-shirts!

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I'm a member of an awesome team on Etsy, the NaturalKids team!

I've volunteered to be part of a give away through the team so if you'd like to enter to win one of my bright and colorfully cool hand dyed and silk screened t-shirts please head on over to Woolies blog.

There are so many fun, earth friendly toys for kids on Etsy. I know I'm always shopping or baby Wren and truly appreciate having this alternative to the big box stores.

Here are a just few of my favorites from the NaturalKids team.

  • Needle Felted Dark Green Mama and Baby Frog Balls by AsherJasper

Don't forget to enter the give away! Maybe you need a grumpy owl in your life, I know he makes me smile every time I see him.

Or how about one of my new designs inspired by my youth - a Sit N' Spin! Don't you think more things in life should be named with the directions of how to use them?