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Yesterday I participated in a new indoor craft market in Rosendale NY. I really love the town of Rosendale, it has such a cool vibe - a bit like New Paltz but without all the flashiness. I think I want to live in Rosendale. :)

Anyhow... yesterdays craft show was hardly a success. I was 1 of 4 vendors though it was far from an unpleasant day and Wren had a blast! This photo is of the space - yes, everyone was already set up at this point.
The space was big and empty and for someone who is just figuring out how to walk, it was perfect. The building is an old church turned into a glass blowers studio. There were nooks and cranny's for her to crawl into and over, plus all sorts of new people to meet. She even started hugging all the kids that came in the door, much to the chagrin of 1 little boy.

There was this awesome metal work art installed for the day, though it wasn't for sale - sadly.

Today I'm going to the strawberry festival in Beacon NY. Rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast - wish me luck!


becky n said...

Liked seeing you across from me today and loved watching Wren toddle around. She's becoming quite the craft show groupie! I see what you mean about the space at the Belltower maybe not accomodating 25 people. Do hope it gets better there.

Have a great week!

eNVe said...

look at you becoming a craft show diva! :) Glad they went smoothly!

Kat said...

Sometimes the slowest shows are the most fun!

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Happy blogging, friend!

The Musical Kitten

mchen said...

Ack, I'm sorry to hear things weren't more hoppin' than this. But I guess walking-practice is priceless, so good that you took advantage of the room! Keep at it — and hopefully the next show is bustlin' :)

katieflindall said...

Love that iron work! Yes....too bad it's not for sale! I'm enjoying your blog too! I'm an artist Mama up here in VT and found your stuff on Etsy. Love the fox prints! When I have another little one I'll get some of your onesies!

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