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Last weekend, Renegade was a blast! I regretfully forgot my camera, and thought I would use the camera on my iphone - but my phone was busy taking credit card charges so that didn't work. :D

Renegade was hot, crowded and fast. It was so cool to hear instant and lovely feedback on my work. If you haven't done a craft show- do it!

Speaking of craft shows I am doing the Beacon Strawberry Festival tomorrow in Beacon NY. I have heard it is delicious and has some of the best Strawberry Short Cake ever.... yummy! It is supposed to rain though - so keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll definitely do my best to remember the camera, though I don't think it will be as busy as Renegade so I could probably use my phone as well.

Then yesterday I was invited to do a last minute show at the Rosendale Belltower Market. It is a new indoor craft space and I signed up for a few weekends later in the summer, but they had a spot open today and asked if I was interested. I thought about all the inventory I have left over from Renegade..... and I was in!

So it's a double craft show weekend for me. I'm becoming such a craft show person. :)

Oh, and because I have no picture related to this post, here is one for fun!


kathiroussel said...

you are a busy girl!! becoming a regular pro at this craft fair business---and did i see "indoor" market in your description???

have fun and make lots of sales!

Huismus said...

Goodluck on your shows, hope they all are as succesfull as the first!!
Yes, I know, I should be on vacation :-) Gooooone now! Bye! xo

Monica said...

She is such a cutie! That metal work looked amazing.

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