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I'm a member of an awesome team on Etsy, the NaturalKids team!

I've volunteered to be part of a give away through the team so if you'd like to enter to win one of my bright and colorfully cool hand dyed and silk screened t-shirts please head on over to Woolies blog.

There are so many fun, earth friendly toys for kids on Etsy. I know I'm always shopping or baby Wren and truly appreciate having this alternative to the big box stores.

Here are a just few of my favorites from the NaturalKids team.

  • Needle Felted Dark Green Mama and Baby Frog Balls by AsherJasper

Don't forget to enter the give away! Maybe you need a grumpy owl in your life, I know he makes me smile every time I see him.

Or how about one of my new designs inspired by my youth - a Sit N' Spin! Don't you think more things in life should be named with the directions of how to use them?


eNVe said...

ooh! thanks for the heads up! I would love to win one of your awesome shirts for my little one. :)

Blanche and Guy said...

oh cool! I've been a fan of Woolie's Etsy shop for awhile. I think her awesome banner made me order one for us, from the same graphic artist on Etsy. Small world! I'll go enter now!

Did you enter my giveaway this week? :)

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