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Back around the holidays I came into contact via Twitter with a cool children clothing designer who has her own line, Saurette. Long story short, she used a couple of my hand painted designs in her collection. Check out how amazing it looks!

This was my hand painted version on a onesie (can you believe how much older baby Wren looks now?!)

I was actually inspired to do this design by my dear Etsy friend Faye who makes incredible bags. She had asked if I had a winter design and so I made a barren tree with bits of snow, only it looked too sad and lonely so I gave him a little red friend.

I really love the way the design came out. I've since moved away from hand painted works due to time constraints but check out how amazing my little tree and bird look in Saurette's line. Doesn't she have the most stylish clothes for a young girl? They certainly aren't something you'd find at the mall - which is a GREAT thing!


Huismus said...

It looks fantastic! Also love the placing of the print.. cool!

kathiroussel said...

marla--what fun for you-- i love your trees--beautiful! and the line of girl's clothing is exceptional-- great collaboration!

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