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I make mistakes.

I make so many mistakes screen printing it isn't even funny. Then, when I don't make a mistake printing a t-shirt, chances are I'll get a perfect print only to find that the shirt is messed up from the manufacturer and has a snag or a little hole. This is so frustrating!

I then end up with this growing pile of Oops! It seems wasteful to throw them away and I've thought about donating them but that doesn't feel quite right either. Now I have the perfect solution.....

There is this totally awesome Etsy seller named CourtneyCourtney. She makes fab stripey, twirly and fun clothes for girls often out of recycled materials - how cool is that. Check out what a gorgeous and cool dress she made using one of my Oops! Isn't she talented? What little girl wouldn't dream of such a colorful wardrobe?


mchen said...

What a TERRIFIC idea! She did a fantabulous job :) It's no longer a mistake, it's a 'happy accident'. That be some darn fine lemonade from lemons!

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